Thyssenkrupp is the elevator brand of Thyssenkrupp group - the leading group in the elevator field in Germany and Europe. Currently, elevators of Thyssenkrupp are present in more than 150 countries with a system of branches, level 1 agents, level 2 agents, etc.

Currently, Thyssenkrupp has 3 main types:

  • Thyssenkrupp of Germany, made in Korea
  • Thyssenkrupp of Germany, made in China
  • Thyssenkrupp of Germany, imported CBU from Germany

As an exclusive agent of Thyssenkrupp, HTC Ele introduces you a wide range of elevators from suppliers:

  • Elevator
  • Escalator
  • Moving walkway

Thyssenkrupp elevators that HTC Ele provides are always genuine, high quality and safe for users. They also optimize the available space and give customers the best moving experience.


Load: 1.150 - 2.000kg

Rise: 40 - 250m


Max capacity: 6.000 - 8.200 (people/hour)

Rise: 15 - 75m

Moving walks

Max capacity: 7.300 - 8.200 (people/hour)

Length: 100 - 200m