Lift installation service

Modern elevator engineering

Installation affecting the overall quality of elevator construction are probably not controversial. Understanding that principle, through more than 15 years of establishment and development, HTC Ele has always focused on perfecting and improving the quality of construction and installation with the orientation of turning this service into one of the important competitive advantages.

Reliable quality product

Escalator has a high aesthetic to help the whole project become more delicate
HTC Ele is the reputable leading supplier of elevator in the market

Not only is the exclusive agent of the Thyssenkrupp – Germany, HTC Ele also has direct experience in manufacturing, distributing and assembling own elevators – HTC.

We always ensure to provide consumers leading quality and safety products.

Skilled technical team

In fact, to build a skilled technical team, businesses will have to invest a lot of money and effort. That is the reason why just few elevator companies are currently capable of providing all construction and installation services. They only trade the product, then cooperate with intermediaries to complete the contract instead. Before that trend, HTC Ele is proud to be one of the few units owning a team of experienced professional technical staff who always ready to serve all installation needs of your elevator.

Professional installation equipment

With a long-term development mindset, HTC Ele did not hesitate to invest in modern equipment to serve the installation work right from the early days of company. The perfect combination of human factors and technical facilities is a firm commitment to the quality of service that we provide.

Standard construction and installation process

HTC Ele understands that installing elevators in the right process not only ensures product quality, but it is also extremely important for the users safety of. That’s why our engineering team always works with more meticulous motto.

Reasonable price service

Thanks to the application of standard processes and modern equipment, the lift installation by HTC Ele always ensures impressive performance. This both helps customers save and contributes to lower implementation costs.

Attentive service attitude

Attentive and thoughtful attitude is one of HTC Ele requirements for all employees

With the motto: “The customer satisfaction is the success of the business”, HTC Ele grasp working attitude thoroughly to the staffs. Wholeheartedly and thoughtfulness is always a top priority in this.

Choosing a professional and reputable company to install an elevator is how you ensure the safety of yourself and your people around you. Owning extensive experience in the field of elevator manufacturing and trading, HTC Ele is always confident to bring customers lift installation services with quality, safety and most saving. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us today to receive the most enthusiastic advice and support!

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