Top 5 famous elevator brands are present in Vietnam

About the past 2 decades, the elevator market in Vietnam has had many prosperity with the presence of many world famous names, such as Mitsubishi, Otis, Thyssenkrupp, etc. Each of these elevator brands have its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s explore in the article below.

1.ThyssenKrupp Elevator

Thyssenkrupp is the guarantee name for the quality elevator.

Thyssenkrupp is the elevator brand of Thyssenkrupp Group – a great mandarins of German industry in particular and Europe in general. Thyssenkrupp comes from a country that is famous for its rigor of technical goods, so their products are always manufactured from perfect mechanical materials and frames, providing incredible safety and durability.

Thyssenkrupp elevators are currently present in more than 150 countries with a system of branches and agents. HTC Ele is the exclusive agent of Thyssenkrupp and has 15 years of experience in elevator business and installation, we are always confident to bring you the leading quality products and services. With the support of HTC Ele, you will easily optimize the space, at the same time, get a smooth and convenient moving experience.

2. Mitsubishi Elevator

Mitsubishi is probably a familiar name to to Vietnamese consumers. This is the leading electronic brand in Japan and internationally, at the same time, Mitsubishi is also famous for its quality elevators which are trusted and loved by a large number of consumers. If you are interested in this brand, you will get a variety of choices, from home elevators, freight lift to dumbwaiter.

Mitsubishi is famous for convenient home elevator

The outstanding advantages of Mitsubishi elevator are high safety and beautiful design. Especially, with the home elevator, the company offers models with shallow PIT (from 450 – 600mm) without using the engine room. This is considered a suitable solution for houses with small area which hard to dig deep to make pit. Despite having many highlights, this brand cannot avoid some disadvantages such as: high price, low operating speed and limited itineraries.

3. Fuji Elevator

Fuji Elevator with joint venture products has won the hearts of Vietnamese consumers.

Quality has long been a part of Japanese brand, so it is not difficult to understand that Fuji elevator brand has won the hearts of Vietnamese consumers. However, unlike Mitsubishi and many competitors in the same field, Fuji’s strength is in its joint venture elevator. Those are motorized equipment systems, imported electrical cabinets and the cabin is exclusively machined in the country. Although the quality is nearly equal, the prices of these products are “much more comfortable”. In addition, they can be resized flexibly to fit each building.

4. Otis Elevator

Otis is a long-standing American elevator brand

As the first elevator brand in the world, Otis is often known for the types of elevators with high load capacity and high speed that is specialized for super projects. Besides, this company also launched a diverse and quality home elevators. The most outstanding advantage of Otis home elevators is the ability to operate smoothly, save energy and has 3 times longer life than many other brands.

5. Schindler Elevator

Coming from the country of watches, this elevator brand not only brings a variety of models but also helps consumers get a high-end experience. In addition, Schindler has broken many barriers to create intelligent innovations such as the elevators which can interact with people.

Schindler elevator brand associated with the century works

Thanks to the technological breakthrough, it is not difficult to understand when Schindler has become a name associated with the century works, such as Binh An international financial center of China, a 155-storey building with a height of 660m above sea level.

We hope the above article has brought you a lot of useful information. Besides that 5 elevator brands, you can refer to many other reputable names to make the best choice in terms of price and quality.


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