5 experience to purchase elevators for new customers

According to the statistics of Vietnamese gold pages, our market has about 300 elevator service companies currently. Therefore, choosing an elevator will be a relatively difficult job for new customers. To help you make the right and appropriate decision, we would like to share some of the following notable experiences to purchase elevators.

Determining demand when purchasing elevators

To choose elevator that suits your needs, you need to understand the types of products and their main functions. There are currently two main types of elevators currently in business on the market:

  • Passenger elevators: mainly used to serve the needs of moving between floors. Some of the specific products also classified in this group which are hospital elevators and home elevators.
  • Freight elevator: This is a type of specialized elevator which is used to load general cargo, including materials, food, cars, etc.
To make the best decision, you need to understand the product you want

After determining the type of elevator to buy, we must pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Number of service floors or number of stops.
  • Weight:

The load level will depend on the number of regular users. For example, the elevator load of an elevator in a hospital or office area will vary greatly from the home elevator.

  • Pit dimensions (width x depth):

Based on this parameter, you can choose an elevator that suits the available space. For example, if the area for construction and installation of indoor elevators is only about 1.5 x 1.5m, you should choose a 350kg elevator with the size of 1450mm (width) x 1450mm (depth).

  • Pit depth, OH height:

In particular, elevator PIT is a part of the pit which is calculated from the floor of the first floor to the bottom of the elevator pit, while the OH (overhead) is the height from the floor of the top serving floor to the floor of engine room. These two parameters will determine the applicability of the product in real space. Specifically, elevators with shallow PIT and low OH heights will be suitable for installation in modest homes.

Determining the elevator type

Consumers can choose imported elevators or joint elevators depending on economic conditions

When referring to the market, you will definitely be introduced to the 2 most popular elevators: imported elevator and joint venture elevator. Imported elevator is a product which is manufactured entirely in a closed process, from famous brands in the world. If you choose to purchase elevator of this type, you can be assured of technical and aesthetic quality. But the cost, installation, maintenance and repair costs will be no small number.

For joint venture products, main equipment such as tractors, electrical cabinets, cables, etc are mainly imported from big brands. The rest includes: cabin frame, bolt.. and mechanical processing stages will be done by domestic enterprises. Therefore, venture elevators usually have a much more affordable price. However, the quality of products will depend on the level of component imports as well as the manufacturing and assembly capacity of the supplier.

Choosing a reputable supplier

A reputable supplier will help you ensure the quality of the elevator

With nearly 300 business company in the elevator market today, any customer may fall into the “matrix” of choice. How do you determine the credibility of a company or business in the selection process? Pay attention to some of the following important criteria:

  • Head office, representative office, factory, warranty branch… must have a specific and clear address.
  • That company must own the modern equipment and machinery, professional production and assembly team. You should actively find out information about the production of the company. Even if there are opportunities and conditions, do not hesitate to visit the factory directly to confirm the reality.
  • In case you choose elevators which are joint venture products, you should pay attention to the level of imported components, because it will directly affect product quality. The more synchronized components are, the more convenient the construction and installation process is, and the more stable the elevator will be.
  • Enthusiastic consulting attitude and support.
  • Transparent warranty and attentive customer care policy.

Experiencing actual products before making a decision

Practical experience will help you assess the actual quality of the product

Regardless of whether you choose to purchase elevators or any goods, you should experience the actual product to give the most objective assessment. These specifications only help you get an overall picture of the relevance. Whereas if directly standing in the elevator you will feel the speed, the smoothness, etc.

Paying attention to the terms of the contract

You need to carefully review the terms of the contract before signing up to purchase elevators

Before signing a contract for construction and installation of elevators, besides the agreement about price and payment methods, you need to pay attention to the following important terms: warranty, maintenance; construction, installation and finishing time; inspection fee and unit, etc. If the document lacks clear and transparent commitments, consumers have the right to ask the supplier to adjust or terminate the cooperation.

These are 5 experiences that new customers should keep in mind when purchase elevators. Hopefully the article has brought a lot of useful information. Wish you soon find the elevator that suits your needs and conditions.

Having more than 15 years of experience in the field of elevator distribution and assembly, HTC Ele is always confident to provide customers with quality, safe and durable equipment. Please contact us today to receive the most enthusiastic advice and support!


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