4 important criteria to evaluate the quality of home elevators you should know

Elevators are modern devices which were created to help people save time and energy when moving in high-rise buildings. Nowadays, it is not only appeared in airports, hotel and apartments but also used in many house. If you have a plan to install home elevator, let’s research and choose products that based on the following four important criteria.

The origin

Home elevator products with clear origins will be assured of operational efficiency and safety

Currently, the elevator business market is becoming more and more complex with the widespread appearance of fake and imitation goods which are labelled “luxuries”. Therefore, the origin is obviously the basic and prerequisite criterion for you to choose a quality home elevator.

There are 2 main types of elevators you should be concerned about: imported elevators and joint venture elevators. In order to make appropriate decisions, users first need to know the advantages and limitations of each product.

The aesthetics of imported products often make consumers more satisfied

Specifically, imported elevators usually come from well-known brand so they will ensure technical and aesthetic requirements. However, the price of this product is often very high. In addition, the pit must be designed according to the manufacturer’s standards to install a complete imported home elevator. In case you cannot find a reputable supplier, you may accidentally buy a low quality item or have some replaced parts.

Joint venture elevator is a combination of imported components and partly manufactured, processed and assembled domestically. Their outstanding advantages are attractive price, flexible installation and non-standard sized pit. In turn, due to individual production, the cabin interior is not as sophisticated as the imported elevator.

Installation process

There are hundreds of small and large details that create an elevator. Just a flawed connection will affect the overall operation process. Therefore, besides the quality of each part, the installation process can also affect the safety and durability of the home elevator. In particular, accuracy and technical requirements are the two most important factors.

The installation process of home elevator needs to be done by a professional team

The construction of elevators in general and home elevators in particular includes two parts: mechanical installation and electrical installation. Each stage will have its own requirements and it must be guaranteed to coordinate at the same time. Therefore, instead of hiring individuals, you should seek a team of skilled and professional technical staff.

Maintenance mode

Regularly maintained home elevators will have a longer lifespan

Maintenance mode after installing home elevators will directly affect the durability and lifespan of the device. So it is important to make sure that your chosen product is maintained carefully, regularly and promptly. This will help you proactively handle the risk of danger, failure and ensure the ideal operating state for the elevator. Especially, this work must be conducted by qualified and responsible technical staff.

Supply facility

The cooperation with a reputable supplier will help users access to clear origin home elevator. Besides, you are also assured of the price, installation quality and warranty. HTC Ele has 15 years of experience in elevator business and installation, at the same time we are the exclusive agent of ThyssenKrupp – Germany, we always confident to bring customers leading quality products and services.

The 4 criteria above are important to evaluate home elevators. We hope that useful information can help you have the right and accurate choice.


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